Son Ye-jin's High School Graduation Photo Wows Everyone

Feb 16, 2021

Son Ye-jin's High School Graduation Photo Wows Everyone
Actress Son Ye-jin proved that she was born to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea with her newly shared high school graduation photo.

Recently, the high school graduation photo of Son Ye-jin was shared in one online community.
Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jinThe original uploader explained that Son Ye-jin was in the same class as her aunt.

The uploader wrote, "I just discovered that Son Ye-jin had gone to the same high school with my aunt, so I found her photo in my aunt's graduation yearbook."

She added, "She's so pretty. The prime example of natural beauty indeed."
Son Ye-jin
Upon seeing Son Ye-jin's graduation photo, fans commented, "I'm more surprised that her real name is Son Eon-jin!", "There's a lot of pretty women from Daegu. IRENE of Red Velvet is also from Daegu.", "So pretty. I wonder what it feels like to live with such beautiful face like that.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community)

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