MBLAQ Mir Shares He Made Debut Without Any Training Period Thanks to His Brother-in-law

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 17, 2021

MBLAQ Mir Shares He Made Debut Without Any Training Period Thanks to His Brother-in-law
K-pop boy group MBLAQ's member Mir shared that he made debut without any training period prior to his debut.

On February 16 episode of MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star', Mir made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, one of the hosts Park So-hyun mentioned Mir making debut without receiving training like most other K-pop stars. 

Mir responded, "Yes, that's true. I didn't train for long. It's all because my brother-in-law was in the entertainment industry. He's actually the CEO of my agency." 
MirHe went on, "After I decided that I wanted to become a K-pop star, my brother-in-law said to me, 'I own a management agency, so come and start training there.'" 

He resumed, "So, that's how I joined my agency. I started living with my brother-in-law then as well. That wasn't so fun, to be honest." 
MirThen, Mir said his brother-in-law would always work on his laptop in the living room whenever he got home from training. 

Mir said, "One day, I happened to look at the document that was opened on the laptop. It was an evaluation sheet of the trainees at his agency." 

The K-pop star continued, "At the bottom of the sheet, there was my name on it. Next to it, there was a note saying that I was not far from being dismissed from the agency."
MirHe added, "I had the toughest month at that time. I felt like everyone was talking about me behind my back. But thankfully, I managed to make debut as a member of MBLAQ soon after that." 

Upon hearing this, Park So-hyun playfully commented, "Your brother-in-law may have purposely left the work on his laptop for you to see. It may have been part of his plan."
MirMBLAQ entered the K-pop industry in October 2009; the group's debut track 'Oh Yeah' was a mega-hit track. 

(Credit= J.TUNE CAMP, '91_mir_0310' Instagram, MBC every1 Video Star) 

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