SHINee MINHO Tells Why He Was Hurt by KEY During His Military Service

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 22, 2021

SHINee MINHO Tells Why He Was Hurt by KEY During His Military Service
K-pop boy group SHINee's member MINHO shared that his fellow group member KEY hurt his feelings when he was in the military. 

On February 20 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', SHINee made a guest appearance. 
Knowing Brothers - SHINeeDuring the talk, MINHO shared that he is still upset about what KEY did to him after he began his mandatory military service. 

MINHO said, "When I was in the military, I missed the members of SHINee very much. So, I tried to meet them as many times as I could on my day-offs." 

He continued, "I met ONEW and TAEMIN quite a lot of times, but I didn't get to meet KEY at all. I texted him lots in order to find time that was good for both of us."

He went on, "He replied at first, but then he didn't reply to my texts from some point. I was so sad, because I really wanted to see him." 
Knowing Brothers - SHINeeTo this, KEY laughed and said, "At that time, I was in the military as well. I wanted to use my day-offs to see my friends rather than my fellow group members." 

He explained, "I know that I won't be able to find much time to see my friends following my military service, whereas I would see the members of SHINee all the time whether I like it or not, if you get what I mean. It wasn't like I didn't miss him." 

He added, "Most people would stop if their texts get ignored a few times, but MINHO never stopped. I just didn't want to continuously say no. That's why I decided to ignore his texts instead." 
Knowing Brothers - SHINeeMINHO said, "For the two years in the military, I didn't get to see KEY at all. Then, I happened to discharge from the military on the last day of TAEMIN's solo promotions. As I miss the guys so much, I went straight to the music studio from my military base. It took me like five hours." 

He resumed with an angry tone of voice, "When I arrived though, KEY sort of frowned and looked at me like, 'What the...?!' I hugged him in happiness, but he didn't see so happy to see me. We hadn't seen each other for like two years! You could have warmly welcomed me, KEY! It still hurts me to think about that time, you know." 
Knowing Brothers - SHINeeKEY responded, "I was just embarrassed that he was there in his military uniform. I could see how he felt then, and that kind of embarrassed me for some reason. But I smiled when we hugged, don't get me wrong, MINHO." 
Knowing Brothers - SHINeeMeanwhile, SHINee is planned to drop the group's seventh album 'Don't Call Me' on February 22 at 6PM KST. 

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