VIDEO: Han Ye Seul Shares What She Would Have Become Now If She Was Not an Actress

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 25, 2021

VIDEO: Han Ye Seul Shares What She Would Have Become Now If She Was Not an Actress
Actress Han Ye Seul revealed what path of life she would have taken now if she did not choose to become an actress. 

On February 24, Han Ye Seul updated her YouTube channel with a Q&A video. 

In this video, Han Ye Seul answered various questions that were asked by fans in advance. 
Han Ye SeulOne of the questions was, "What do you think you would have become if you did not make debut as an actress?" 

Han Ye Seul answered, "Did you guys always know what you wanted to become since you were little? I don't think I ever really had that." 

She continued, "If I wasn't an actress now, I probably would have been a mother. I don't know if I will be good at it, but I'm pretty sure that I would have become a mother now." 
Han Ye SeulThen, Han Ye Seul was also asked whether she thought first love meant the love that she felt when she was young and pure, or the strongest love she has felt for the first time. 

With a smile, Han Ye Seul responded, "There was a time back in the day when I felt like I was in a romance movie the whole time I was with him." 

The actress resumed, "I thought that was my first love. He was very good-looking. He even had better looks than myself." 
Han Ye SeulShe went on, "The person I loved for the first time had a similar soul as me. We enjoyed the same kind of activities. He liked drinking as well. That's actually important to me." 

Lastly, she described her ex in a little more detail, "He was unique and respectable." 

Han Ye Seul made her acting debut with 'Nonstop 4' in 2003, which was a mega-successful sitcom. 

In no time, Han Ye Seul rose to stardom. 

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