VIDEO: NU'EST REN Explains His Unusual High School Graduation Photo

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 26, 2021

VIDEO: NU'EST REN Explains His Unusual High School Graduation Photo
REN of K-pop boy group NU'EST explained what happened on the day when he took his high school graduation photo. 

On February 25, REN went live on NAVER V LIVE for the first time in a while. 
RENDuring the live broadcast, REN mentioned his interesting graduation photo that recently went viral online. 

REN said, "Okay, so I know that my high school graduation photo gained a lot of attention a little while back. Some people said I look like one of those rebellious teenagers." 

The K-pop star continued, "I knew that we were taking a graduation photo on that day, but I thought we were taking it with our normal clothes on. That's how I thought for some reason." 
RENHe laughingly resumed, "When I got there though, everybody else was wearing a school uniform. It was after my debut, so I had the hairstyle that stood out as well, you know." 

He went on, "I'm quite proud of myself for confidently standing alongside the guys without the school uniform. I'm sure a lot of other students would have not taken the photo out of shyness." 
RENThen, fans asked if REN's friends laughed about the odd situation. 

REN answered, "Well, not really, because they knew my personality. They were pretty much like, 'I'm honestly not surprised that REN came like this.'" 

He cutely complained, "But I do wish to get rid of that photo from this planet. It's so annoying. I don't want it to keep spreading!" 
(Credit= Online Community, 'NU'EST' NAVER V LIVE)

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