RAIN Reveals that Kim Tae-hee Complains About Him Being Too Talkative

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 2, 2021

RAIN Reveals that Kim Tae-hee Complains About Him Being Too Talkative
Singer RAIN shares that there were times when his wife actress Kim Tae-hee complained about him being too talkative. 

On February 27 episode of MBC's reality show 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', RAIN's daily life was shown. 
RAINIn this episode, RAIN was seen hiking along the Namsan trail, explaining that Namsan is where he goes hiking every morning. 

On the way to the summit, RAIN non-stop talked to the camera even when no staff asked him a question. 

When he reached the summit, RAIN approached a father and daughter. 

He spoke to them for a while, and continued making a conversation with hikers around him. 

Even when he was going down the mountain, he did not stop trying to speak to fellow hikers. 
RAINWhile watching this in the studio, the hosts commented, "Wow, you seriously talk a lot, RAIN."

Then, they asked, "Doesn't your wife say anything about it?" 

RAIN laughed and answered, "Yeah, she does. She has pointed out the fact that I talked too much quite a lot of times." 

The singer continued, "But the interesting thing is, I actually had no idea that I was this talkative. When I first made debut, I was told not to talk, not to laugh and only focus on camera. This was what J.Y. Park told me." 

He resumed, "Those three things were the rules, you know. I think I may have been repressed by them then without myself knowing it. I've strangely become talkative these days." 
RAIN(Credit= MBC Point of Omniscient Interfere, Coupang)

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