Gong Yoo Takes 13 Different Supplements Every Day?

Mar 3, 2021

Gong Yoo Takes 13 Different Supplements Every Day?
Actor Gong Yoo made his fans gasp in shock by revealing that he takes 13 different supplements every day to maintain his health condition.

Recently, Gong Yoo's management agency Management Soop revealed a new video of the actor on the agency's official YouTube channel.
Gong YooIn the video, Gong Yoo revealed his 2020 resolutions and how much goals he actually achieved last year.

The first thing on his 2020 to-do list was to take good care of his health.
Gong YooWhile talking about the goal, Gong Yoo admitted that he could feel his body taking a toll as time goes by.

He said, "As each year passes, the amount of supplements I take increases as well."

He explained, "I'm currently taking about 13 different supplements every day. Supplements are what helps me make it through each day."
Gong YooFans who watched the video left comments such as, "Whoa, that's actually a lot.", "Can't relate with you more.", "Why is it so funny and sad at the same time?", and more.

(Credit= Management Soop)

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