Jeong Hyuk Confesses that He Was Bullied in School for Being Poor from a Single Parent Family

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 4, 2021

Jeong Hyuk Confesses that He Was Bullied in School for Being Poor from a Single Parent Family
Model Jeong Hyuk shared that he used to get bullied in school for being poor from a single parent family. 

On March 1 episode of SBS' television show 'Bapsim', Jeong Hyuk featured as a guest. 
Jeong HyukDuring the talk, Jeong Hyuk revealed that he actually dreamed of becoming a comedian.

Jeong Hyuk said, "I was raised in a single parent home, and we were poor. I used to get bullied because of that. I never really had friends. I was always alone since elementary school." 

He continued, "One day, I happened to watch a comedy show. That was when I decided that I wanted to become a comedian to make people laugh and give them happiness." 

He went on, "As we were so poor, I knew that going to college wasn't even an option for me. So, I decided to give up on going to college in high school." 
Jeong HyukSince Jeong Hyuk thought there was no point in taking extra evening classes at school, he said he told his teacher that he wanted to withdraw from them. 

Jeong Hyuk said, "My teacher told me that I needed to get my parents to sign on an agreement in order to do that. When I got back home, I told my dad, 'We have no money at home, so I'm not going to college. I'm going to become a comedian. So, let me stop taking these classes.'" 

He tearfully resumed, "I could have said it nicely, but my words came out harsh. I still feel bad about saying that until this day. I deeply regret it. At that time though, I didn't think I had hurt my dad's feelings, and it was very foolish of me for thinking that way." 

He wrapped up the story by saying, "We lived in a tiny single room together. One night after that day, I saw my dad getting up in the middle of the night. I pretended that I was asleep, but I heard him crying. I felt horrible." 
Jeong HyukJeong Hyuk decided to enter the modeling industry after getting the idea while working at a retail store as a sales assistant. 

He made his successful debut as a runway model in 2015.

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