"I Have a Nephew Now!" DIN DIN Becomes an Uncle During His Live Radio Show

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 4, 2021

"I Have a Nephew Now!" DIN DIN Becomes an Uncle During His Live Radio Show
Hip-hop artist DIN DIN expressed great happiness after becoming an uncle during his live radio show. 

On March 3, DIN DIN went live for his radio show SBS POWER FM's 'Music High'. 
DIN DINAt the beginning of the show, DIN DIN said, "Earlier today, I received a text message from my older sister. She said her contractions have started." 

He continued with a worried look on his face, "I'm worried about her, because she's all alone in the ward due to COVID-19. Not only that, she isn't in Korea." 

It is unknown where exactly in the world DIN DIN's older sister's family currently lives, but she is said to be married to an Italian man. 
DIN DINThen in the middle of the show, DIN DIN checked his phone and screamed out loud in joy. 

DIN DIN told listeners, "Everyone! I have a nephew now. I'm officially an uncle!" 

After calming himself down, DIN DIN commented, "Actually, I was more concerned about my sister's condition than the birth of my nephew when I got her text message." 

He continued, "But seeing photos of my nephew makes me so happy. He looks so adorable." 
DIN DINLater on, DIN DIN also shared photos of his nephew on his Instagram, excitedly saying, "Welcome to our family 'Niccolo Yoojin Nannini'." 

At the moment, many are flooding DIN DIN's Instagram with congratulatory messages. 

(Credit= 'dindinem' 'dindin_musichigh' Instagram) 

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