Fans Gasp at Song Ji-hyo's Beauty While Looking Back at Photos of Her in 'Princess Hours'

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 8, 2021

Fans Gasp at Song Ji-hyo's Beauty While Looking Back at Photos of Her in 'Princess Hours'
Fans are amazed at how beautiful actress Song Ji-hyo was in 'Princess Hours'. 

Back on March 5, it was announced that the mega-hit comic book as well as drama 'Princess Hours' is planned to be reproduced. 

▶ [SBS Star] Song Ji-hyo·Ju Ji Hoon·Yoon Eun Hye's 'Princess Hours' to Be Made Again
Song Ji-hyoOriginally a comic book released in 2003, 'Princess Hours' was produced as a drama in 2006, thanks to its great popularity. 

At that time, actresses Song Ji-hyo, Yoon Eun Hye, actors Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Jeong-hoon starred in the drama. 
Song Ji-hyoSong Ji-hyoIn 'Princess Hours', Song Ji-hyo played the role of an ambitious character named Min Hyo-rin. 

Min Hyo-rin is the Crown Prince Lee Shin's ex-girlfriend who turned down his marriage proposal to pursue her dream to become the world's best ballerina. 

After winning first place at the International Ballet Competition though, she realized that she wanted Lee Shin's love and more than the trophy. 

As Lee Shin was already married by the time she returned home, she tried to win his heart back by doing anything she could possibly think of. 
Song Ji-hyoSong Ji-hyoSince the announcement, many 'Princess Hours' fans took time to look back at photos from the drama in 2006. 

While looking at them, they could not stop being impressed at how gorgeous Song Ji-hyo was at that time.
Song Ji-hyoMeanwhile, more details regarding the production of the new 'Princess Hours' are yet to be announced. 

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