Ro Hong-chul Describes How Easy-going & Caring RAIN Is

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 9, 2021

Ro Hong-chul Describes How Easy-going & Caring RAIN Is
Entertainer Ro Hong-chul shared how much of an easy-going and caring person singer RAIN is. 

Recently, Ro Hong-chul updated his YouTube with a video of him talking in his car. 

During his talk, Ro Hong-chul mentioned his close friend RAIN. 

Ro Hong-chul said, "Let me talk about RAIN for a bit, guys. Many may assume that he is arrogant as he's had the taste of great popularity, right?" 

He continued, "It also seems like he's the kind of person who takes a huge amount of time on polishing his appearance and stuff like that, doesn't it? But he's like the easiest going guys I know." 
Ro Hong-chulRo Hong-chul said that he often visits places with RAIN. 

He said, "When we go somewhere together, he brings stuff for me too. He brings me mixed nuts, chips and even some cookies he had at home that he thought tasted good." 

He resumed, "Besides, he cares about the environment. A lot of people use plastic kitchen bags to pack snacks, because it's just easier that way. But he always uses reusable containers." 
Ro Hong-chulThen, Ro Hong-chul remembered the day when him and RAIN went hiking not too long ago.

Ro Hong-chul said, "On that day, he took something out of his bag again. He had brought four plums to share. He had washed them at home, and they were really tasty." 

He went on, "At that time, he was like, "Hyung, let's charge ourselves with these plums. We'll probably be walking quite a bit today.' RAIN does his best at all things, and I believe he leads an exemplary life. He's truly an incredible guy." 

(Credit= 'rain_oppa' Instagram, '노홍철' YouTube) 

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