Former AOA Choa Reveals Her Older Sister Who Looks Just like Her

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 10, 2021

Former AOA Choa Reveals Her Older Sister Who Looks Just like Her
Choa, formerly of K-pop girl group AOA, revealed her identical older sister. 

On March 9 episode of tvN's television show 'On & Off', Choa introduced the viewers to her older sister. 
ChoaIn this episode, Choa's older sister Park Se-ah was seen making a visit to Choa's new home in Seoul. 

Choa excitedly welcomed her, and said, "Se-ah lives in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do where my parents also live. She got married about three months ago." 

As the hosts saw Park Se-ah, they all gasped in surprise; saying how much they looked alike. 

They looked so similar that they almost looked as if they were identical twins. 
ChoaAfter Choa welcomed Park Se-ah to her house, the sisters sat down and watched videos from Park Se-ah's wedding ceremony. 

While watching the videos, Choa could not hold back her tears. 

She commented, "I tried my best not to cry on the day of your wedding ceremony. I didn't cry on that day, but I just can't help it now." 

She continued, "I remember singing for you then. You asked me to sing a cheerful song, so I picked 'Pit-A-Pat' to sing for her and my brother-in-law." 
ChoaRecently, Choa returned to the industry after leaving it due to depression in June 2017. 

(Credit= tvN On & Off)

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