Son Ye-jin Shows Love for Hyun Bin by 'Liking' Fans' Posts About Him

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 11, 2021

Son Ye-jin Shows Love for Hyun Bin by 'Liking' Fans' Posts About Him
Actress Son Ye-jin showed love for her boyfriend actor Hyun Bin by liking fans' posts about him on Instagram. 

Recently, fans noticed an eye-catching thing that Son Ye-jin began doing on Instagram. 

When fans posted posts about Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin 'liked' the posts. 

Those were mainly posts about Hyun Bin himself while some being posts supporting Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's love. 
Hyun BinAs fans started seeing what she did, many uploaded posts asking Son Ye-jin to 'like' their posts as well. 

Over photos of Hyun Bin or the couple, they wrote things such as, "Please like my post as well!", "When will you like my post, Ye-jin unnie?, "Look at how sad Hyun Bin looks here. Like my post to make Hyun Bin happy. Hurry, unnie!" and so on. 

It seemed like they managed to attract her attention, because Son Ye-jin really came along not long after. 

Son Ye-jin did not leave any comments for them, but pressed 'like' on as many posts as she could. 
Hyun BinAfter finding out about this, fans shared how cute Son Ye-jin was. 

They wrote comments on an online community saying things such as, "This is so sweet of her.", "So cute!", "Aww I feel like this shows how much she loves him as well." and many more. 
Hyun Bin(Credit= Online Community, 'yejinhand' Instagram) 

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