Park Bo Young Shares Zo In Sung's Past Words Left a Great Impression on Her

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 12, 2021

Park Bo Young Shares Zo In Sung's Past Words Left a Great Impression on Her
Actress Park Bo Young thanked actor Zo In Sung for giving her hope in the past. 

On March 11 episode of tvN's television show 'Unexpected Business', Park Bo Young was seen talking to Zo In Sung and actor Cha Tae Hyun. 
Park Bo YoungDuring the show, Park Bo Young talked about the time when she was struggling with life back in the day.

Park Bo Young said, "There was this time when life hit me hard. One day, I was just sitting on a bench, staring at a large tree in front of me." 

Then, she revealed that her and Zo In Sung were not that close yet, and it was a little difficult for her to approach him, because they never worked together. 
Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young carried on telling the story, "While I was absentmindedly sitting on that bench, In Sung came along and sat next to me. I said to him, 'Oppa, why I am so weak? Why do I easily get shaken by things happening around me?'" 

The actress continued, "Then he asked me, 'How old do you think that tree is?' I was like, 'Well, it must be really old. It looks older than me for sure.'"  

She resumed, "In Sung responded, 'Exactly, think about how deep the roots have gone down the ground. But that tree gets shaken by the wind, doesn't it? It's not weird for us to get shaken by things too. It's okay to feel that way.'" 
Park Bo YoungShe added, "His words left a great impression on me. I went home that day and wrote them down on my diary right away. I noted that those were the words that I would never forget." 

In response to this, Zo In Sung playfully commented, "Why did I say such cringey things?" 

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