BLACKPINK LISA Describes Her True Personality

Mar 16, 2021

BLACKPINK LISA Describes Her True Personality
LISA of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK shared more about herself to her fans through her recent magazine interview.

On March 15, fashion magazine ELLE Korea dropped photos from their recent photo shoot with LISA.
LISADuring the interview after her photo shoot, LISA shared that she always try to find happiness in every condition.

She said, "Feeling happiness for oneself is important. That's the reason why I try not to hide myself and show my true self without lies."

She explained, "According to my family and longtime friends, I was bright and mischievous since a young age."
LISALISA also talked about BLACKPINK's first online concert 'THE SHOW' that took place earlier this year.

She said, "There's this excitement we feel from meeting fans with their light sticks face to face, but we weren't able to do that this time."

She added, "However, we were able to showcase high-quality stage equipment and angles as there weren't much physical limitations compared to holding concerts abroad."
LISALISA(Credit= ELLE Korea)

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