BTS RM Shares His Honest Thoughts About the GRAMMYs Result

Mar 16, 2021

BTS RM Shares His Honest Thoughts About the GRAMMYs Result
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM kept a positive attitude after the GRAMMYs announcement and promised fans that the group will continue to work harder for 2022.

On March 15, the seven members of BTS held a live broadcast to thank ARMYs all around the world for their love and support.

Although BTS did not get the chance to win a GRAMMY trophy this year, the members never failed to keep their positive attitude towards the result.
BTSRM said, "Many of you may have expected that we would not get the award, and I take this as a sign for us to 'Come and get it yourself.' That's how I'm accepting it (the result)."

He added, "I saw a few news articles describing it as a 'fall through', but it's not really a fall through. It's the first time we've been nominated."

He continued, "It's the first time being nominated as a group, and holding a solo performance. Let's see the bright side here, okay?"
BTSBTSRM also made sure to express thanks to all the fans and his fellow members.

He said, "It's okay. Of course it would be a lie to say that we're not bummed. But still, it's amazing, right? Let's give a round of applause and pat ourselves on the back for doing something so amazing together. Let's keep on going!"

Upon watching the live broadcast, fans commented, "Wait for it, GRAMMYs 2022!", "It's amazing enough to be nominated, seriously.", "I'm so proud of you all.", and more.
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