DARA Pulls Off a School Uniform like She Is Still a Teenager

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 18, 2021

DARA Pulls Off a School Uniform like She Is Still a Teenager
The 36-year-old K-pop artist DARA wore a school uniform, and it did not look odd at all. 

On March 18, DARA updated her Instagram with three new photos. 

In the photos, DARA was wearing a brown school uniform and red tie. 

She matched the uniform with a pair of '3-striped slippers' which are a must-have popular school item in Korea. 

DARA made some poses in the corner of a hallway as if she took the photos during a break between lessons in her school building. 
DARAEven though DARA is 36 years old, she looked so natural in it. 

It almost seemed like she could pass for a high school student if she did not say how old she really is. 

It turned out DARA put a school uniform on for her role in her musical 'ON AIR'. 
DARADARA wrote, "Spoiler alert! There is a long scene where my character in 'ON AIR' gets lost in memories of the time when she was in high school. That's why I'm wearing this." 

She continued, "You guys remember me wearing a school uniform for 'Another Miss Oh'? This one is quite different to that, isn't it? Look at my '3-striped slippers'!" 
DARAMeanwhile, 'ON AIR' is scheduled to go on from March 20 until April 18. 

(Credit= 'daraxxi' Instagram) 

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