ASTRO Cha Eun-woo Bleaches His Hair for the First Time Since Debut in 2016

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 19, 2021

ASTRO Cha Eun-woo Bleaches His Hair for the First Time Since Debut in 2016
K-pop boy group ASTRO's member Cha Eun-woo's hair turned light-colored for the first time in five years. 

Not so long ago, SBS' television show 'Master in the House' shared a preview of the show for the upcoming week. 

In the preview, Cha Eun-woo had bleached hair, which surprised and excited lots of fans. 

Soon after that, a photo of Cha Eun-woo walking alongside his staff was uploaded online. 

The photo showed Cha Eun-woo with his hair bleached to ash gray. 
Cha Eun-wooGenerally, K-pop stars often change their hair colors; they bleach their hair frequently too. 

It is not unusual for K-pop stars to change the color of their hair to a completely different color every half a year or so. 

Even though it has been five years since Cha Eun-woo made debut, he has only had brown hair colors so far. 

That was why so many fans could not stop talking about Cha Eun-woo's change in his hair color since last week. 
Cha Eun-wooThen on March 18, Cha Eun-woo updated his Instagram with some new selfies. 

In these photos, Cha Eun-woo's bleached hair was shown very well. 

It seemed like Cha Eun-woo also recently added a little bit of blue to his hair. 

Upon seeing such change in Cha Eun-woo, fans became more excited than ever about ASTRO's return with a new album that is to take place on April 5. 
Cha Eun-wooCha Eun-woo(Credit= Online Community, SBS Master in the House, 'eunwo.o_c' Instagram) 

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