Hyeri Shares that ROSE Always Surprises Her with Sweet Surprise Gifts

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 22, 2021

Hyeri Shares that ROSE Always Surprises Her with Sweet Surprise Gifts
Hyeri of K-pop girl group Girl's Day shared how sweet and caring ROSÉ of another girl group BLACKPINK is. 

On March 20 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', Hyeri and ROSÉ made a guest appearance. 
ROSEWhile talking about how close she is to ROSÉ, Hyeri said, "ROSÉ is a true romanticist. She amazes me with surprise gifts all the time." 

Hyeri continued, "The most touching surprise gift that I received from ROSÉ was the time when she was on a concert tour outside of Korea." 

She carried on, "She texted me on my birthday, and we exchanged text messages. Right then, the doorbell to my house rang and a large flower bouquet was delivered to me. It turned out the bouquet was sent from ROSÉ. My heart almost melted then." 

She added, "I never told ROSÉ my home address though. I don't really invite friends to my house, because I live with my family. So, I was even more surprised because of that."
ROSEThen, ROSÉ explained how she managed to find out Hyeri's home address. 

ROSÉ said, "After I planned to surprise Hyeri on her birthday, I was like, 'How I am going to figure out her address without asking her?' I thought about it for ages." 

She resumed, "Then, I remembered meeting Hyeri's sister. I looked up for Hyeri's sister on Instagram, then told her my plan via direct message and asked if she could tell me their home address. I was so happy when I got it." 

Hyeri commented, "Isn't ROSÉ impressive, guys? She's truly amazing."  
ROSEPreviously, Hyeri and ROSÉ revealed that they became close after exchanging their phone number during the recording for tvN's talk show 'Amazing Saturday'. 

(Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers, 'hyeri_0609' Instagram)

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