Super Junior KyuHyun Shares His Breakup that Broke His Heart

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 24, 2021

Super Junior KyuHyun Shares His Breakup that Broke His Heart
KyuHyun of K-pop boy group Super Junior talked about getting dumped in the past. 

On March 19 episode of JTBC's television show 'Record Shop', KyuHyun talked about his breakup. 
KyuHyunWhile listening to breakup songs, one of the hosts Yoon Jong-shin asked KyuHyun if he has ever got dumped. 

KyuHyun answered, "Yes, I have. There were times when I got dumped." 

Then, Yoon Jong-shin asked, "Which way did you preferred getting dumped, in person, call or text?"

KyuHyun thought for a bit, then said, "Well, I do feel like it's better either to say those words in person or call than text." 

Yoon Jong-shin responded, "Back in the day, many people broke up in person. It happens less nowadays, but it was pretty common when I was young." 
KyuHyunUpon hearing this, KyuHyun said, "I got dumped by my girlfriend when I was a high school freshman. She dumped me over the phone, but I really wanted to have a real conversation with her."

He continued, "I asked her if she could meet me, and we ended up meeting each other. But in my experience, breaking up in person makes you feel much sadder. I felt devastated at that time." 

He added with an awkward smile, "So, I feel like breaking up over the phone is better in a way." 
KyuHyun(Credit= JTBC Record Shop)

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