VIDEO: 'Weak Sexy' Yoon Jong-hoon Used to Work as a Stuntman?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 25, 2021

VIDEO: 'Weak Sexy' Yoon Jong-hoon Used to Work as a Stuntman?
It turned out actor Yoon Jong-hoon worked as a stuntman in the past.  

Recently, one SBS' YouTube channel shared a video of the cast of 'The Penthouse 2: War in Life' having a talk together. 
The PenthouseDuring the talk, they mentioned Yoon Jong-hoon's nickname 'weak sexy'. 

'The Penthouse' fans started calling him 'weak sexy' because he looked so thin and weak in the drama. 

After watching some scenes that well-showed his 'weak sexy' side, the cast told the hosts that he had actually completed a martial arts course at Seoul Action School. 

Yoon Jong-hoon nodded and confirmed their comments by stating, "Yes, it's true that I went to Seoul Action School." 

Seoul Action School is the only action training institution in Korea that teaches not only acting, but also action techniques. 

The school's course is known to be very harsh and intensive; many give up after beginning the course in a month or two. 
The PenthouseHowever, Yoon Jong-hoon surprisingly completed that course, proving that he is a man with passion who is able to challenge his own limits. 

Then following the completion, he worked as a stuntman in dramas such as, 'Empress Cheonchu' (2009) and 'The Return of Iljimae' (2009). 

This remarkable fact about Yoon Jong-hoon is making fans fall in love with him even more. 
The Penthouse(Credit= 'SBS Catch' YouTube, SBS The Penthouse 2: War in Life) 

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