VIDEO: IU Shares What Her Current Biggest Concern Is

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 26, 2021

VIDEO: IU Shares What Her Current Biggest Concern Is
K-pop artist IU revealed what her biggest concern is at the moment. 

On March 24, fashion magazine W Korea uploaded a video of IU on YouTube. 

In the video, IU went through some popular items from the '90s. 
IUWhile doing so, IU reminisced her childhood days when she loved playing with toys and eating sweets. 

IU said, "I used to love doing that a lot. I guess I had a hobby back then. Nowadays though, I don't have any hobby." 

She continued, "Actually, that is my biggest concern these days. It's like the concern of the lifetime." 
IUThen, IU shared that she was worried as she still did not manage to find a hobby even though she is almost 30 years old. 

IU said, "Whatever that is, I take an interest in it for a bit, then tend to lose it very quickly. There is no hobby for me to relief my stress." 

She resumed, "When I was young, reading was my favorite thing to do. But since I started writing lyrics, reading has become an activity that was no longer fun for me." 

She added, "It almost makes me feel like I'm studying now. It's quite sad." 

(Credit= 'W Korea 더블유코리아' YouTube) 

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