Kim Min Seok's Grandmother Says He Has a Girlfriend to Marry?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 30, 2021

Kim Min Seok's Grandmother Says He Has a Girlfriend to Marry?
Actor Kim Min Seok's grandmother stated that he has a girlfriend to marry. 

On March 29, Kim Min Seok joined JTBC's television show 'Hooray to My Independence' (literal translation). 

In this episode, Kim Min Seok was seen having a video conversation with his grandmother after moving to his new place. 
Kim Min SeokDuring the conversation, Kim Min Seok's grandmother said, "When you first moved to Seoul, you had no friends or family there." 

She resumed with teary eyes, "I feel emotional thinking about that time. I'm so glad to see you doing well over there. You've grown so well."

"I'm still living, because I want to see you getting married. Get married quickly, so that I can die fast.", she continued. 

As soon as Kim Min Seok heard this, he burst into laughter. 
Kim Min SeokThen, Kim Min Seok's grandmother said, "Come on, bring her home already! You told me the other day that you are currently seeing a girl who you want to marry!" 

Kim Min Seok responded, "Ah, I only said that because you kept on going on about me getting married, grandma." 

His grandmother jokingly complained,, "What? Why did you do that?! That's mean, you know."

After that, Kim Min Seok laughed and wrapped up the video call by telling his grandmother that he will go and visit her soon. 
Kim Min Seok(Credit= JTBC Hooray to My Independence) 

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