IU Treats Music Show Staff to Burgers & Hot Dogs

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 31, 2021

IU Treats Music Show Staff to Burgers & Hot Dogs
K-pop artist IU bought burgers and hot dogs to music show staff. 

On March 25, IU dropped her fifth album 'LILAC'. 

Following the release, IU featured in music shows including SBS' 'Inkigayo', MBC 'Show! Music Core' and more. 
IU treats music staff to snacksAfter IU's comeback performances were aired, some music show staff took to social media to express their gratitude to IU. 

One 'Inkigayo' staff said, "IU bought all 'Inkigayo' staff some burgers and soft drinks during shooting. Thank you so much, IU!" 

A 'Show! Music Core' staff also said, "I work for 'Show! Music Core', and IU treated us to hot dogs and soft drinks after the first pre-recording." 

He/she continued, "We enjoyed it very much. She disappeared really quickly on that day. Maybe she was a little shy. I hope her new album does well. Thank you!" 
IU treats music staff to snacksEven though they are not her own staff, IU still went out of her way to care for them, and it is making a lot of fans smile at the moment. 

IU's fans left comments under these posts saying, "What an angel!", "This is why I love her.", "She's so caring!" and so on. 

(Credit= Online Community, Edam Entertainment) 

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