Song Joong Ki Shares a Secret to His Smooth Skin

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 2, 2021

Song Joong Ki Shares a Secret to His Smooth Skin
Actor Song Joong Ki revealed how he has such a smooth skin. 

Recently, Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview with Netflix. 

While going through a series of random questions, Song Joong Ki was asked what a secret to his smooth skin was. 
Song Joong KiBorn in September 1985, Song Joong Ki is 35 years old. 

He is in his mid-30s, but he is known for his youthful appearance; he does not look his age at all. 

His answer to this particular question has always been one thing that everybody wanted to know from him. 
Song Joong KiAfter hearing his question, Song Joong Ki laughed out loud, then gave his response right away. 

The actor answered, "Well, it's all thanks to my make-up artist." 

He continued, "Also, I eat an apple and blueberries in the morning. That probably helps too."

Lastly, he laughingly added, "And I would like to thank my mom and dad for it. I love you both." 
Song Joong Ki(Credit= Netflix, 'hi_songjoongki' Instagram) 

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