BTS V Reveals that He Does Not Like the Way He Looks

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 6, 2021

BTS V Reveals that He Does Not Like the Way He Looks
K-pop boy group BTS' member V shared that he does not like the way he looks. 

On April 5, V and his two fellow members SUGA and J-HOPE went live on NAVER V LIVE. 

They called their broadcast 'Tea Time with ARMY', and made some drinks together. 
BTSWhile making their drinks, they also took time to read fans' comments. 

As J-HOPE came across one comment that said, 'Please upload your selfie, V.', V said, "It's been like over six months since I've taken a selfie. I struggle to take a selfie these days."

Then, SUGA responded, "Didn't you use to take lots of selfies though? What happened to you?" 
BTSV shyly laughed and answered, "Yes, I was really good at taking selfies in the past. But I don't know now. I don't like the way I look." 

To this, J-HOPE responded, "What are you saying? Are you kidding me?", and shook his head side-to-side.

Upon listening to V's words, fans also left comments such as, "Excuse me, Tae-hyung? What did you just say?", "How could you say that about your face?", "Maybe he said that because cameras can't capture his beauty well enough." and so on. 
BTS(Credit= 'BTS' NAVER V LIVE, Big Hit Entertainment) 

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