iKON BOBBY Shares Why He Thinks Being a K-pop Star Is Easy

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 7, 2021

iKON BOBBY Shares Why He Thinks Being a K-pop Star Is Easy
BOBBY of K-pop boy group iKON shared that he thinks being a K-pop star is easy. 

Recently, the members of iKON sat around together to have a chat. 

While chatting, BOBBY suddenly said, "I think being a K-pop star is really easy." 
iKONAs he said this, all the other members turned to him with a stunned look on their faces. 

BOBBY explained, "After we wake up, we get in the van and arrived at a beauty salon. There, make-up artists and hair stylists do our make-up and hair." 

He continued, "Following that, we just do whatever we are told to do. Then, we practice and eat when it's time." 

He added, "Afterwards, we get back to our dorm and repeat the same routine the next day. This job is a piece of cake." 
iKONThen, BOBBY carried on to share a story that shows his ever so cool attitude. 

BOBBY said, "There was this time when I was asleep in my room. DK knocked on my door, and was like, 'We have to leave now, BOBBY.'" 

He laughed and resumed, "I asked where we were going. He told me, 'To Japan.' I didn't even pack anything!" 

In response to this, SONG laughingly commented, "I feel like BOBBY lives just because he was born. It's like, 'Oh, I'm born. Let's just live.'" 
iKON(Credit= YG Entertainment) 

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