VIDEO: Gong Yoo Talks About Seeing Potential in IU During Her Early Debut Days

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 15, 2021

VIDEO: Gong Yoo Talks About Seeing Potential in IU During Her Early Debut Days
Actor Gong Yoo shared that he saw potential in K-pop artist IU before she became famous. 

On April 14, IU shared a video of herself sitting down for an interview with Gong Yoo on her YouTube. 
IUDuring the talk, Gong Yoo said, "I decided to join you today because I'm a longtime fan of yours, IU. I don't know if you remember it, but we also have a memory together."

IU laughed and responded, "Ah yes, of course I remember. It was like back in 2009, I went on your military radio show, didn't I? I had so much fun on that day."  
IUThen, the K-pop artist said, "At that time, I wasn't very popular. I was just getting my name out there, but you said such good things about me after watching me sing and playing the guitar." 

IU continued, "The memory is still very vivid in my head, because of the things you said to me. I remember you telling me, 'I think you'll have a firm place in the music industry as a singer-songwriter in about 10 years.'" 

She went on, "After that, I really started working on lots of songs for myself. So, that was kind of cool." 
IUGong Yoo commented, "Well, those people who have been your fans since your debut will agree with me in a heartbeat." 

He added, "We all knew that you'll become huge since then. It was something we all expected to happen." 

IU made debut under LOEN Entertainment in September 2008; she quickly rose to fame following the release of 'Good Day' in December 2010. 

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube, '_IUofficial' Twitter) 

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