VIDEO: SHINee Members Say They Were Embarrassed of What They Had to Wear for 'View'

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 16, 2021

VIDEO: SHINee Members Say They Were Embarrassed of What They Had to Wear for 'View'
K-pop boy group SHINee shared that they were embarrassed during 'View' promotions. 

On April 15, SBS' YouTube channel MMTG uploaded a video of SHINee online. 

In this video, the members of SHINee talked about one of their past songs 'View'. 
SHINeeDuring the talk, KEY mentioned taking part in styling himself and the members while promoting 'View'. 

KEY said, "At that time, our stylists had already decided to make customized suits for us, but I called them and said, 'No, we should go casual for 'View'." 

He continued, "I just thought suits didn't go with the song very well. As we were trying to show a different side of ourselves with 'View', I thought we might as well do that with our outfits too." 
He went on, "But we received heavy criticism because of our outfits. People were like, 'What is that?', 'What are you guys thinking?', and yes, we were also quite self-conscious of the look." 
SHINeeThen, MINHO commented, "I had to wear this sleeveless shirt, and it was really embarrassing. All the other K-pop groups were wearing these sleek suits while I had no sleeves, you know!" 

He resumed, "There was this time when I felt the most embarrassed; it was at the end of the music show. I looked around, and I was the only one with a sleeveless shirt." 

"So, I whispered to KEY, 'I feel so embarrassed. Help.' KEY was like, 'Don't be. Just be shameless for a bit. Let's keep our heads up high.'", he added.  

Despite some criticism regarding SHINee's outfits, 'View' was much loved for its 'fresh' concept in 2015. 

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