SHINee MINHO Receives an Adorable Letter from Na-eun

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 20, 2021

SHINee MINHO Receives an Adorable Letter from Na-eun
MINHO of K-pop boy group SHINee shared a cute drawing and letter that he received from professional soccer player Park Joo-ho's child Na-eun. 

On April 18, MINHO updated his Instagram with a new post. 

The post included photos of a drawing and letter that Na-eun sent him to his house. 
Na-eun's letterIn the letter, Na-eun wrote, "Uncle MINHO, I'm going to a dance class for the first time today. I feel good, but a little nervous. I will show you how to dance." 

She continued, "I will make a cake for you. What kind of cake do you like? Uncle MINHO, I miss you. Have a nice day!" 

Na-eun had written MINHO's full name and address as well as her full name and address on the envelope as well. 
Na-eun's letterNa-eun's letterOver these photos, MINHO wrote, "I received this from Eden (Na-eun's Swiss name) today. She has such a lovely handwriting. I can't believe that she called me 'Choi Min-ho'." 

He resumed, "Thank you, Na-eun! I'll always be supporting you. Do show me your dance the next time I see you. I love you!" 
Na-eun's letterMINHO is a close friend of Park Joo-ho; he frequently hangs out with Park Joo-ho's family including his three children―Na-eun, Geon-hoo and Jin-woo. 

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