VIINI Shares How He Is Close to BTS JIN & Yoo Seung Ho

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 21, 2021

VIINI Shares How He Is Close to BTS JIN & Yoo Seung Ho
K-pop artist VIINI revealed how him, JIN of K-pop boy group BTS and actor Yoo Seung Ho are close. 

On April 20 episode of MBC every1's television show 'Video Star', VIINI made a guest appearance. 
VIINIDuring the talk, VIINI talked about his friendship with JIN and Yoo Seung Ho. 

VIINI said, "When I was really into games in the past, JIN asked me to join K-pop male stars' game club, so I did." 

He continued, "I used to play games with the members of the game club a lot. The members included JIN, KEN of VIXX, Park Ji Hoon and Seo Eunkwang of BTOB." 
VIINIThen, VIINI shared that him, JIN and Yoo Seung Ho are similar. 

VIINI said, "We are similar in many ways. That's why we are pretty close, I think." 

He resumed, "We are all homebodies and quiet. We are all quite unique in a good way as well. Oh, and we love animals." 

He went on, "Seung Ho and I are cat owners, so we talk about our cats often. We show off our cats to each other."
VIINI(Credit= MBC every1 Video Star, 'komurola' Instagram, Weverse) 

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