Kang Ha Neul Explains His Peculiar Photos

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 22, 2021

Kang Ha Neul Explains His Peculiar Photos
Actor Kang Ha Neul shared what went on behind his peculiar photos. 

On April 21 episode of MBC's radio show 'Radio Star', Kang Ha Neul made a guest appearance. 
Kang DanielDuring the talk, one of the hosts Ahn Young-mi asked Kang Ha Neul about some of his photos that are going around online. 

Ahn Young-mi said, "Ha Neul, do you know that these photos are circulating online with the title, 'Ha Neul is a little strange these days'." 

In one photo, Kang Ha Neul linked his own arms together when a photographer asked if he could link arms with K-pop artist IU. 

The other one was of him putting his shoulders closely together when he was asked if he could put his shoulders close to an actress next to him. 
Kang DanielKang Ha Neul laughed and answered, "Ah yes, I'm aware that these photos went viral. I did that on purpose. I wanted to break the ice." 

He continued, "You know how press conferences are all quite formal and awkward, right? Even if I say something funny, nobody laughs." 

He went on, "I just don't like that sort of atmosphere, so I tried to make people laugh a little by doing silly things." 
Kang DanielThen, Kang Ha Neul clarified that he did not just do silly things during press conferences. 

The actor commented, "Don't get me wrong though. I returned to my normal self after doing something silly; I took normal photos afterwards. I linked arms with IU, and put my shoulder close to the actress." 

(Credit= MBC Radio Star)

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