Fans Criticize ITZY's Stylists for "Not Doing Their Job Properly"

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 22, 2021

Fans Criticize ITZY's Stylists for "Not Doing Their Job Properly"
Fans are angry at K-pop girl group ITZY's stylists for not putting enough time and effort into the members styles. 

On April 22, the five members of ITZY―YEJI, LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG and YUNA headed to the JTBC recording studio to record 'Knowing Brothers'. 

Before they headed to the building, they stopped for a bit to pose for photographers and fans who came to see them. 
ITZYNot long later, these photos were shared online, and a lot of fans became furious after seeing them. 

It was because of what the girls were wearing; they argued that the stylists did not style the members properly. 

They complained about the color of their ties and skirts which seemed like the color combination that you will either love or hate. 

Not only that, but also their skirts were extremely crumpled, in fact, they were not ironed at all. 
ITZYRegarding their outfits, some fans heavily criticized ITZY's stylists. 

They shared comments such as, "This is just nonsense! The skirts seem as if they just came out of a drawer after sitting there for a year.", "They are basically getting paid without making any effort.", "Seriously? Oh, come on. What is all that?!" and so on. 
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