Kim Jong-kook Built His Career Without Scandals Thanks to His Love for Workout?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 26, 2021

Kim Jong-kook Built His Career Without Scandals Thanks to His Love for Workout?
Singer Kim Jong-kook shared that he was able to build his career without scandals all thanks to his love for workout. 

On April 25 episode of SBS' television show 'Master in the House', Kim Jong-kook joined the show as the "master".
Kim Jong-kookWhile talking to the 'Master in the House' cast over a meal, Kim Jong-kook shared his secret to securing his position in the industry without any issues for years. 

Kim Jong-kook said, "I think it's really important for you to consistently work hard and be diligent in order to survive in this competitive industry." 

He resumed, "When I meet hoobaes, I always tell them one thing. 'You've got to have one other thing beside work that you absolutely love doing.' For me, that was working out." 

He continued, "That's really important if you want to last long here. It's a must. Whether that's gaming, playing soccer, whatever. That's my way of surviving and keeping me going in the entertainment industry." 
Kim Jong-kookWhen asked why, Kim Jong-kook explained, "Otherwise, you'll become overloaded with work. You need a good balance between work and personal life, and that one thing you're crazy about can balance your life well." 

The singer continued, "The stress you get from work can affect you so much. If there is nothing to balance you, you'll get lost." 

Lastly, he added, "Even though I've been on television for many years, I've never been involved in such big scandals. That was because there was something to balance me." 
Kim Jong-kook(Credit= SBS Master in the House) 

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