Luna Shares How Precious Every Moment as f(x) Was

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 26, 2021

Luna Shares How Precious Every Moment as f(x) Was
Luna of K-pop girl group f(x) revealed how precious the time as f(x) was. 

On April 23, one YouTube channel posted a video of Luna on YouTube. 

In this video, Luna watched performance videos of f(x) from the group's debut stage to the first concert five years ago. 
LunaThen, she read fans comments which were like, "I still can't believe the last album of f(x) was released like five years ago. We need more f(x)'s music!", "My school days were filled with songs by f(x). Will I ever be able to see them perform together again?" and so on. 

While reading these comments, Luna teared up and said, "When I read comments like these, I feel like I have lived my life well." 

She continued, "Every moment of the time when f(x) seems so precious. It feels even more precious because the time also precious to our fans." 
LunaThen, Luna came across a comment that said, "I now understand why unnies were f(x). I loved you. I miss f(x) so much." 

Luna laughed and said, "What? Why did she write it all in the form of past tense? We didn't disband, everyone!"  

She resumed, "At the moment, the members of f(x) are each doing something different, but f(x) is still here. Please keep supporting our group." 
LunaSince 2016, the four members of f(x)―Luna, Amber, Victoria and Krystal have not released any new songs nor perform together.

They all have been focusing on their individual promotions as solo artists, actresses, theater actresses, and more.

(Credit= '14F 일사에프' YouTube, SM Entertainment) 

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