VIDEO: "Don't Give Up on Yourself" BTS JIMIN Delivers a Positive Message to the World

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 28, 2021

VIDEO: "Don't Give Up on Yourself" BTS JIMIN Delivers a Positive Message to the World
K-pop boy group BTS' member JIMIN left a great impression on everyone with his positive message. 

On April 26, BTS' management agency Big Hit Entertainment released a behind-the-scenes footage of BTS shooting for UNICEF's 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign. 

'LOVE MYSELF' campaign is an anti-violence campaign that was first launched by UNICEF in collaboration with BTS in November 2017. 
BTSNot too long ago, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS renewed their commitment to UNICEF to help end violence and neglect as well as to promote children and young people's self-esteem and well-being. 

Regarding this, BTS' leader RM stated, "We are extremely moved and thankful that our 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign, which began with small steps, is now being elevated to an even bigger partnership." 

He added, "We also strived to 'LOVE MYSELF' ourselves, and I think we as a team and as individuals grew as well."

In this behind-the-scenes footage, JIMIN shared thoughts on participating in 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign again, and his words warmed the hearts of many. 

JIMIN said, "I'm beyond delighted to be part of 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign once again. I find delivering messages like this and leading this sort of meaningful campaign to be incredibly honorable. It means a lot to me." 

He resumed, "I've mentioned this in the past, but I believe a genuine laughter are so much better than frowning or forcing a smile. I wish the days with lots of a genuine laughter will come soon." 

He continued, "Make sure not to give up on yourself even during difficult times. Always take good care of yourself and take control of your own life. I hope there are many more days when we can share happiness with each other." 

(Credit= 'BANGTANTV' 'UNICEF' YouTube, UNICEF/Big Hit Entertainment) 

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