Cha Soon Bae Shares Why Song Joong Ki Has the Nickname of 'Captain Song' on Site

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 30, 2021

Cha Soon Bae Shares Why Song Joong Ki Has the Nickname of 'Captain Song' on Site
Actor Cha Soon Bae revealed that actor Song Joong Ki is referred to as 'Captain Song' on 'Vincenzo' filming site. 

On April 29, one YouTube channel share an interview of Cha Soon Bae on YouTube. 
Cha Soon BaeDuring the interview, Cha Soon Bae talked about his cameo appearance in Song Joong Ki-led tvN's drama 'Vincenzo'. 

Cha Soon Bae said, "The people of 'Geumga Plaza' are all very experienced actors and actresses in theater." 

He continued, "As I knew most of them, I had so much fun throughout shooting." 
Cha Soon BaeThen, Cho Soon Bae shared how he was touched seeing Song Joong Ki taking such good care of all actors and actress during shooting. 

Cho Soon Bae said, "Song Joong Ki took great care of everyone there. He especially gave more attention to those actors/actresses with supporting or minor roles." 

He resumed with a smile, "I call those kind of people 'Captain', so Song Joong Ki was called 'Captain Song' on site." 
Cha Soon BaePreviously, actor Kwon Seung-woo, who featured in 'Vincenzo' with Song Joong Ki, also shared how caring he was to him while working together. 

At that time, he said, "Song Joong Ki takes amazing care of every one of us, especially the ones who aren't familiar with being on site." 

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