VIDEO: Kim So Yeon Shares How Caring Her Husband Lee Sang Woo Is

By  Lee Narin  | May 4, 2021

VIDEO: Kim So Yeon Shares How Caring Her Husband Lee Sang Woo Is
Actress Kim So Yeon revealed how caring her husband actor Lee Sang Woo is. 

On April 30, one YouTube channel uploaded a video of Kim So Yeon online. 

The video showed Kim So Yeon sitting down for an interview after completing shooting for SBS' mega-hit drama 'The Penthouse 2: War in Life'. 
Kim So YeonDuring the interview, Kim So Yeon said that she has been extremely busy despite wrapping up 'The Penthouse 2: War in Life'. 

Kim So Yeon said with a bright smile, "I've received so much love following 'The Penthouse'. I feel very honored. I feel like I'm living the most beautiful moment of my life nowadays."
Kim So YeonThen, the actress was asked what she would like to do during her time-off. 

Kim So Yeon responded, "I would love to visit an outdoor coffee shop when it's slightly windy. I want to stay there with my latte all day long." 

She continued, "The funny thing is though, my husband doesn't understand this side of me. I'm the kind of person who just likes to enjoy being in a pretty coffee shop, but he's the completely opposite of me."

She went on, "When we go to a coffee shop, he would drink his coffee within a minute and be like, 'Let's go now. Let's go somewhere else.'" 
Kim So YeonBut Kim So Yeon shared that Lee Sang Woo has changed recently. 

Kim So Yeon said, "My husband's been very considerate of me these days though. He's been planning my day-offs. I feel amazingly grateful to him for being so thoughtful." 

She resumed, "On my day-offs, we would go to a coffee shop and stay there for like two hours. He takes a lot of photos of me as well." 

Lastly, she shyly added, "The times like that really helped me going for the past hectic year. I honestly appreciate everything that my husband did for me." 

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo got married in June 2017 after co-starring in MBC's drama 'Happy Home' as a married couple in the beginning of 2016. 

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