Lee Hyo-ri Shares Why She Decided to Have Children

By  Lee Narin  | May 4, 2021

Lee Hyo-ri Shares Why She Decided to Have Children
Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed why she wants to have children. 

On May 3, fashion magazine Harper's BAZAAR Korea shared an interview of Lee Hyo-ri online. 
Lee Hyo-riDuring the interview, Lee Hyo-ri revealed that she recently decided to have children. 

Lee Hyo-ri and her husband Lee Sang-soon have been married since September 2013.

It has been about eight years, but they have no children yet. 
Lee Hyo-riLee Hyo-ri said, "Not too long ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have children." 

The singer continued, "I believe there is a reason why I came to this world, and that is to learn something from it." 

She went on, "Out of all things in this world, I heard that parenting lets you learn the most. It's the best furniture of your mind." 

She added, "I would like to learn the kind of love, sacrifice and effort that only a mother can make." 
Lee Hyo-ri(Credit= Harper's BAZAAR Korea, JTBC Hyori's Home Stay) 

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