VIDEO: NCT Members Share JISUNG's Cutest Drinking Habit

By  Lee Narin  | May 7, 2021

VIDEO: NCT Members Share JISUNG's Cutest Drinking Habit
JISUNG of K-pop boy group NCT's cutest drinking habit was unveiled. 

Recently, the three members of NCT―HAECHAN, CHENLE and JISUNG went live on NAVER V LIVE. 
NCTDuring the live broadcast, HAECHAN talked about drinking with JISUNG for the first time as he turned 20 years old (legal drinking age in Korea) this year. 

HAECHAN said, "JISUNG has a really cute drinking habit. He's so cute. He kisses everybody everywhere." 

JISUNG laughed and responded, "What? No. Don't lie. You're lying, right?" 
NCTAs JISUNG as well as CHENLE did not believe him, HAECHAN called another NCT member JENO. 

When JENO picked his phone up, HAECHAN asked him if he remembered JISUNG's drinking habit.

JENO answered, "Well, JISUNG kissed my foot." 

HAECHAN and CHENLE collapsed in convulsive laughter, and JISUNG denied the fact and covered his face with his arm in embarrassment. 

While watching this part of the live broadcast, fans also could not stop laughing for ages. 
(Credit= 'NCT' NAVER V LIVE) 

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