Everyone Is Impressed About How Considerate Geon-hoo Is to Jin-woo

By  Lee Narin  | May 11, 2021

Everyone Is Impressed About How Considerate Geon-hoo Is to Jin-woo
Professional soccer player Park Joo-ho's son Geon-hoo showed a considerate behavior to his younger brother Jin-woo. 

On May 9 episode of KBS' television show 'The Return of Superman', Geon-hoo made everybody's heart melt with his thoughtful behavior.
The Return of SupermanIn this episode, all three children of Park Joo-ho―Na-eun, Geon-hoo and Jin-woo went to a dance class.

Na-eun danced to K-pop artist IU's latest track 'LILAC' with other boys and girls who came to the class. 

Since Geon-hoo enjoys dancing, he could not take eyes off them dancing together. 

Na-eun noticed this, and asked the instructor if Geon-hoo could join them; the instructor willingly agreed to it. 
The Return of SupermanGeon-hoo walked towards them to join, but then Jin-woo shouted, "Water!" 

He immediately went back to Jin-woo and gave him a cup of water. 

As Geon-hoo tried to join the group, Jin-woo spilled water on the floor. 
The Return of SupermanBut Geon-hoo did not say anything, and just grabbed some tissues and wiped it off the floor. 

While doing so, Geon-hoo's eyes were locked on the boys and girls who were excitedly dancing. 
The Return of SupermanWhen Geon-hoo was finished wiping the floor, the dance class unfortunately ended.

So, Geon-hoo ended up dancing by himself, but he did not complain about the whole situation for a second. 

Upon watching this part of the episode, 'The Return of Superman' fans commented, "Wow, Geon-hoo's all grown up now.", "This is so touching.", "He's such a good hyung." and so on. 
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