Kim Young-woong Talks About Making Mistakes Because of Song Joong Ki's Good Looks

By  Lee Narin  | May 12, 2021

Kim Young-woong Talks About Making Mistakes Because of Song Joong Ki's Good Looks
Actor Kim Young-woong revealed that there were times when he made mistakes because actor Song Joong Ki was too good-looking. 

On May 11 episode of MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star', Kim Young-woong made a guest appearance. 
Kim Young-woongDuring the talk, Kim Young-woong mentioned working with Song Joong Ki in tvN's recently-ended drama 'Vicenzo'. 

Kim Young-woong said, "Song Joong Ki is an amazing actor. His acting is completely flawless, but I honestly can't skip saying anything about his appearance." 

The actor resumed, "When I'm acting with him, I sometimes find myself getting lost in his wonderful acting skills as well as incredible beauty. He really messes with my tempo that I often end up making a mistake." 

He continued, "He also has an uncanny talent for improvisation. I once improvised while shooting together. I said to him, 'Can you please call me hyung for once?'" 

He went on, "Song Joong Ki responded right away, he was like, 'Hyung? Stop talking nonsense. Do you want to get punched or what?' He was so natural at responding to it." 
Kim Young-woongThen, Kim Young-woong called Song Joong Ki from the studio. 

When Song Joong Ki picked up the phone, the hosts told Song Joong Ki about Kim Young-woong getting lost in his handsomeness.

Song Joong Ki laughed and commented, "Surely those mistakes were made because he was nervous, not because of my appearance." 

He added, "Young-woong hyung is a great guy. He is a talented actor as well. I hope he will be able to show everything he got on 'Video Star' today."  
Kim Young-woong(Credit= MBCevery1 Video Star, tvN Vincenzo) 

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