Fans Find Items that Seo Eunkwang & SEUNGKWAN Look Like When They Laugh

By  Lee Narin  | May 13, 2021

Fans Find Items that Seo Eunkwang & SEUNGKWAN Look Like When They Laugh
Fans discovered Seo Eunkwang of K-pop boy group BTOB and SEUNGKWAN of boy group SEVENTEEN's lookalikes. 

Recently, one fan shared a photo of Seo Eunkwang laughing next to a photo of a pink shoe on social media. 

This fan wrote that Seo Eunkwang and the shoe looked much alike for some reason. 

The photos quickly went viral on social media for showing such a great similarity. 
Seo EunkwangNot too long after the post circulated online, Seo Eunkwang shared a screenshot of this post on his Instagram. 

Over the screenshot, he wrote, "What the heck is this? I laughed hard for the first time in ages. LOL." 
Seo EunkwangThen, another fan discovered that not only Seo Eunkwang but SEUNGKWAN also looked like a shoe when he laughs. 

It was a different shoe this time, but many could not agree with the post more. 
SEUNGKWANThen a short time ago, Seo Eunkwang and his fellow group member Lee Minhyuk went live on NAVER V LIVE. 

During the live broadcast, they happened to burst into laughter at the same time. 

One fan captured this particular moment, and said that Lee Minhyuk was the other pair of Seo Eunkwang's shoe. 

When the photos were put together, fans could not stop laughing for ages as they really looked like the pair of those pink shoes. 
Seo Eunkwang(Credit= Online Community, 'btob_silver_light' Instagram) 

(SBS Star)