Lee Min-jung Shares How Lovey-dovey She Still Is with Lee Byung Hun

By  Lee Narin  | May 14, 2021

Lee Min-jung Shares How Lovey-dovey She Still Is with Lee Byung Hun
Actress Lee Min-jung revealed that her and her husband actor Lee Byung Hun are still lovebirds despite years of dating and being married to one another.  

On May 13 episode of tvN's television show 'Upgrade Myself', Lee Min-jung made a guest appearance. 
Lee Min-jungOn this day, actress Ham Yon-ji's happy married life was unveiled. 

Ham Yon-ji and her husband showed so much affection for each other from the moment they woke up in the morning for work. 

Even though it has been about four years since they got married, they looked as if they were still a newlywed. 

As the host DIN DIN watched this, he commented, "Wow, how can a married couple be that cute and lovey-dovey?"

In response to his remark, Lee Min-jung said with a shy smile, "We are like that as well." 
Lee Min-jungThen Ham Yon-ji's husband was seen returning home with pork ribs and mac 'n' cheese, which were Ham Yon-ji's favorites. 

They sat in the living room with the food, and had a great evening together. 

While watching this, Lee Min-jung said, "It's like that when you don't have a baby yet. It's normal to have a drink together often and stuff." 

She laughingly continued, "But things change completely after you have a baby." 
Ham Yon-jiFollowing their marriage in August 2013, Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung Hun welcomed a baby boy Lee Jun-hoo into the world in March 2015.

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