VIDEO: Jessica Shares When She Wants to Get Married

By  Lee Narin  | May 14, 2021

VIDEO: Jessica Shares When She Wants to Get Married
K-pop artist Jessica revealed when she wants to get married. 

On May 12, Jessica updated her YouTube with a new video. 

In the video, Jessica was sitting down for dinner with her best friend model Irene, younger sister Krystal and Krystal's best friend. 
JessicaWhile having dinner, they answered fans' questions that were asked through Instagram. 

One of the questions was, "What does your dream marriage look like?" 

Krystal responded, "I made debut when I was 14. Since I started working early, I thought I would've been married by now." 

She continued, "I thought I was far from reaching my mid 20s, and that's when most people got married back then. But without myself realizing it, I've turned 26 already."
JessicaThen, Krystal's best friend asked Jessica, "When are you planning on getting married, unnie?" 

All eyes suddenly turned to Jessica, and she answered with a smile, "I'll get married―when the time is right." 

After that, Jessica answered this question as well, "What do you think you would have become right now if you weren't in the K-pop scene?" 

Jessica said, "I think I would have become a mother. It just seems pretty natural since my mom had me when she was 27." 

Currently, Jessica and is in a relationship with Korean-American entrepreneur Tyler Kwon. 

The couple said to have been in a relationship for about eight years since 2013. 

(Credit= 'Jessica Jung' YouTube) 

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