Multiple Female Nude Photos in GOT7 JB's Bedroom Spur Controversy

By  Lee Narin  | May 14, 2021

Multiple Female Nude Photos in GOT7 JB's Bedroom Spur Controversy
Fans discovered female nude photos on the wall of JB of K-pop boy group GOT7's bedroom. 

On May 13, JB went live on his Instagram to give his fans and followers an update on his life. 

At that time, JB was lying on a bed with pinkish purple mood lighting where it seemed like his own bedroom. 
JBAs it was announced that JB joined Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park's label H1GHR MUSIC just a few days ago, many congratulated him on such great news. 

JB thanked everyone by saying, "I've received an incredible number of congratulatory messages. They make me feel like I should work harder."
JBThen, JB changed the angle of his phone which he was using for the live broadcast. 

While doing so, a side of the wall was quickly shown on camera. 

On the wall, there were lots of bikini and nude photos that looked like they were cropped out of an adult magazine. 
JBAt the moment, it is unknown whether the bedroom is his or not, but it is assumed that it is his own bedroom. 

Regarding the photos on the wall, people made comments such as, "I'm not sure what to say. The photos are, umm...", "Why does he collect those, and even put them up on his wall?", "Well, he's all grown up though. What's the fuss about?" and so on. 

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