BTS V Shares How He Felt to Be a "Secret Member" of BTS Before Debut

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2021

BTS V Shares How He Felt to Be a "Secret Member" of BTS Before Debut
V of K-pop boy group BTS revealed how he felt to be hidden from the public before the group's debut. 

On May 20, American magazine Rolling Stone shared an interview of V online. 

During the interview, V gave his honest answers to various fun questions. 
VOne of the questions was, "What was it like to be a 'secret member' before BTS' debut?" 

V was known to be a "secret member" of BTS, who did not appear on camera in the vlogs and other online promotions that preceded BTS' debut in June 2013. 

The K-pop star laughingly answered, "To be perfectly, perfectly honest, when they said I was a 'hidden member', I actually thought I'd been cut from the team."  

Then, V was asked, "So can you laugh about that now or is it still a little bit traumatic?" 

He responded, "I can laugh about it now for sure. As long as I can sort of toss around our CEO, our label's boss and shake him around a little bit by his cuffs. But yes, I can laugh about it." 
VPreviously in another interview, V said, "I actually can't understand it whatsoever. Why did they do that? I really have no idea." about him being a "secret member". 

At that time, the head of his management agency Bang Si-hyuk offered an answer.

Bang Si-hyuk said, "We needed momentum to announce that the team called BTS was finally complete." 

He continued, "V had great charms in terms of appearance and personality, so I thought it would be impactful when he was revealed last." 

He added, "It was an effective strategy in forming the team's overall image, as well as leaving an impression of each member." 
VFollowing two years of training at Big Hit Entertainment, V made debut as a sub-vocal member of BTS. 

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