Jay Park Wore a Pair of Socks that a Fan Gave Him for over 6 Years?

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2021

Jay Park Wore a Pair of Socks that a Fan Gave Him for over 6 Years?
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park was spotted wearing a pair of socks that a fan gave him for over six years. 

Recently, one fan of Jay Park compiled photos of the artist wearing this particular pair of socks online. 
Jay ParkInterestingly, the socks were pineapple-patterned socks in a white background. 

He was seen wearing these socks in a number of places including the time when he played soccer, went for a photo shoot, even went to his friend's wedding ceremony wearing them. 

It turned out that the socks were given by one of his fans in the past, it seemed as if Jay Park like it very much. 
Jay ParkRegarding these socks, Jay Park actually once shared his thoughts in one magazine interview. 

At that time, Jay Park said, "I don't really throw things away. I've been wearing this pair of pineapple socks for like six to seven years now." 

He laughed and added, "I've worn those socks so many times that my photos with the socks have become some sort of memes as well."
Jay ParkAs he had been wearing them for so long, the pineapple socks became worn out and showed a change in color. 

Then not too long ago, Jay Park's manager shared a photo of Jay Park's foot with a new pineapple sock on his Instagram. 

Along with the photo, Jay Park's manager wrote, "The beginning of the new legend." 
Jay ParkMany are wondering how long Jay Park will wear this new pair of pineapple socks. 

(Credit= 'jparkitrighthere' Instagram, Online Community, 'GQ KOREA' YouTube) 

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