Here Are the Changes of BTS' Dance Studio Since Debut

By  Lee Narin  | May 27, 2021

Here Are the Changes of BTS' Dance Studio Since Debut
When K-pop boy group BTS made debut in June 2013, the group's label Big Hit Entertainment was only a small management agency.

Over the years, both BTS as well as Big Hit Entertainment made their global success with ground-breaking records and brand value. 

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment's start was not all very fancy―they truly have worked their way up from the bottom. 
BTSBTSBack in 2013, the members of BTS practiced their dance moves in a tiny room where it looked like there was not enough space for their powerful choreography. 

They used this room for about four years before the agency moved to another building after making some progress in the industry. 

This room seemed more like a dance studio; it was much more spacious with some nice lights. 

They used this dance studio for about three years. 

Then, the boys were given an elegant wooden dance studio for several months. 
BTSBTSFinally when Big Hit Entertainment moved to their grand 19-story headquarters in Yongsan this March, they were given an amazing dance studio for themselves. 

This dance studio not only was wide and big, but also had a very high ceiling. 

As it is so spacious and awesomely-designed, it seemed like it is the dream dance studio for any K-pop stars or dancers out there. 
BTSAfter seeing the evolution of BTS' dance studio over the eight years, fans could not feel any more proud of BTS. 

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