Red Velvet JOY Cries While Reading Letters from Fans

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 1, 2021

Red Velvet JOY Cries While Reading Letters from Fans
JOY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet was spotted crying while reading fan letters. 

On May 31, JOY dropped her first-ever solo album 'Hello'.

In celebration of this special day, JOY went live on NAVER V LIVE in the evening to spend some time with fans. 
JOYDuring the live broadcast, JOY read out some pre-sent fan letters that her staff prepared for her. 

As JOY read the first letter, tears rolled down her cheeks. 

The letter said, "You have become our joy. Now, let us be your confidence. We'll be with you at every start you make." 

She sobbed and continued reading the next letter that said, "I'm sure you have gone through a lot of difficulties while getting ready for your first solo release." 

The letter also said, "Whatever the music you release, we will love them. So, be happy when you sing. Always stay happy, unnie."
JOYThen, JOY commented with teary eyes, "I don't think I can read any more of the letters. I'm going to cry so much." 

She resumed, "I'll read the rest when I get back home. I honestly don't want to cry my eyes out here." 

After that, she wiped her tears and said with a shaky voice, "Thank you, guys."
JOY(Credit= 'Red Velvet' NAVER V LIVE) 

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